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Wiggy (Elizabeth Wiggans) is a white (primarily German and English ancestry), queer, economically privileged, curious, loving, and deeply emotional human being born on Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Ute territory (Denver, Colorado). Wiggy currently resides in Bulbancha (New Orleans, Louisiana) and works as a case manager at an HIV health care clinic. Wiggy is very interested in envisioning a world that, on both an individual as well as collective level, operates from a framework of abundance.


Nora Waters is a multidisciplinary oral historian and printmaker. She has a background in grassroots organizing, and is particularly interested in the intersections of embodied art practices, queerness, and anti-racism. Currently, she is a MA candidate in Oral History at Columbia University and the co-founder of a happening based art collective, Loose Interpretation. Through her multimedia and printmaking practices, Nora has discovered an insatiable urgency to create. She is endlessly inspired by the things she immediately encounters— the things she can see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Using this deck, as well as other practices grounded in relationship building, she wants to continue listening and having challenging conversations about whiteness—within herself, infused in our systems, and the ways these two are deeply intertwined. She believes that small ripples of introspection and empathy are necessary in unraveling systems of oppression and creating larger waves of collective resistance.



Shoshana Gordon is an illustrator, artist, and graphic designer based in NYC. You can find more of her work online at www.shoshanabgordon.com, and on her Instagram profile, @shoshanabgordon.


Diana Zaheer: I live, teach, and write about our Divine nature. I grew up in a family of healers so it felt normal for me to see, hear, and feel energy. I teach people to deeply understand and become friends with their inner nature and humanness. I work like an alchemist, blending healing approaches and selecting tools that best support the present moment. I have trained with masters for 30+ years in the USA, Asia, and the Middle East, including 15 years with the Ridhwan school. I often work with clients whose healing journey includes trauma, sensitivity, underachieving, adoption, and giftedness. To contact me, please go to www.dianazaheer.com and my Instagram profile @dianazaheer_com.