We acknowledge that work on this oracle deck has occurred on the indigenous land of the Choctaw, Chitimacha, Lenape, and Wappinger peoples. Our acknowledgement is a humble beginning - one of the core tenets of this deck is to move beyond acknowledgement into deeper reflection, continued learning, and meaningful anti-colonial action.



Why is this deck intended for a white audience?

“I am white and am addressing a common white dynamic.  I am mainly writing to a white audience; when I use the terms us and we, I am referring to the white collective.  This usage may be jarring to white readers because we are so rarely asked to think about ourselves or fellow whites in racial terms.  But rather than retreat in the face of that discomfort, we can practice building our stamina for the critical examination of white identity - a necessary antidote to white fragility.  This raises another issue rooted in identity politics: in speaking as a white person to a primarily white audience, I am yet again centering white people and the white voice.  I have not found a way around this dilemma, for as an insider I can speak to white experience in ways that may be harder to deny. So, though I am centering the white voice, I am also using my insider status to challenge racism.  To not use my position this way is to uphold racism, and that is unacceptable; it is a ‘both/and’ that I must live with.  I would never suggest that mine is the only voice that should be heard, only that it is one of the many pieces needed to solve the overall puzzle” (Robin DiAngelo, White Fragility).


It is the responsibility of white people to dismantle white supremacy. Through interactions with and inspired by the deck we hope to:

  • educate ourselves and other white people about ways we can actively dismantle white supremacy

  • disrupt white solidarity

  • examine axises of privilege that often intersect with whiteness

  • build culture & community rooted in action & accountability


Community & Culture

“You know how crucial culture is to human life - and to the human body. Yet white Americans have not yet created any form of anti-white supremacy culture. White Americans who seek to undo white-body supremacy have organizations; they have ideas and strategies and goals; they have initiatives; and they have energy, conviction, and hope. But they have little sense of community - and no culture to build and support such community. This needs to change. White allies must build culture, because culture trumps almost everything else” (Resmaa Menakem, My Grandmother’s Hands)


What does it mean to reimagine communities that are actively dismantling white supremacy? We find the following elements necessary in this work and therefore prioritize their presence within this deck:

  • fractals

  • intersectionality 

  • transformative justice

  • healing

  • relationship based

  • somatic

  • creative

  • adaptable

  • accessible

  • trauma-informed 

  • multi-sensory, multimedia

More information about each word will be posted in our resource library soon.


“What are you without racism? Are you any good? Are you still strong? Still smart? Do you still like yourself?…If you can only be tall because someone’s on their knees, then you have a serious problem. And my feeling is that white people have a very, very serious problem and they should start thinking about what they can do about it. Take me out of it."

-Toni Morrison


What is an oracle deck? Why an oracle deck?

Oracle decks have similar origins and properties as tarot. “They are ‘directive tools’, so they offer guidance, clarity, and a new perspective” (Aarona Lea Pichinson and Alexandra Svokos). However, unlike tarot, as Colette Baron-Reid points out, oracle decks are “fluid systems,” meaning they do not necessarily adhere to the traditional structure of a tarot deck. An oracle deck is an excellent tool in the work of dismantling oppressive structures, as it provides tangible action steps as well as the spaciousness to radically imagine manifesting a world without white supremacy.

A few final notes on our approach…

  • As each story is curated by one person or a small collaboration of people, we acknowledge that this results in a limited perspective on each topic.  You can find more perspectives in our library (and we welcome & encourage new submissions to the library - e-mail us at unfurlingoracle@gmail.com!).  Before entering into each story, the curator’s name(s) will be provided to you via a pop-up.  You can find more information about them on the artists’ tab.

  • Some stories address a more specific audience (for example, white people with access to wealth or class privilege).  You’ll also be notified of this via the pop-up beforehand.

  • You are the expert on your body!  Please continue to check in and listen to your body as you move through this content.  Is it “too much, too fast, or too soon”? (Resmaa Menakem).  If so, please slow down & seek support. At the same time, if you are a white person, we encourage you to continue to build an awareness of when you notice your body in a response of white fragility & work to build the stamina to move beyond that response.  We’ve got several cards that focus on this!

  • Several of the stories include content on trauma.  A content warning will be provided to you ahead of time in the pop-up.  We kindly ask that before you enter into stories that include content on trauma, you engage with the following:


Trauma means and connotes many different things to different people, so we offer here the ways we are intentionally differentiating our content warnings so that you can make an informed choice about what amount of engagement feels right for you:

◾️ Trauma inflicted on BIPOC (Black Indigenous People of Color) by white people and white supremacy.  This includes but is not limited to “1. the enslavement of African peoples, and corresponding anti-black racism; 2. land theft and genocide of Indigenous Peoples...; and 3. international imperialism, beginning with the takeover of half of Mexico by war” (White Awake).  This trauma is both historical as well as current: white people and white supremacy continue to cause harm to BIPOC in the present day.  When a story includes content on this trauma, you will see: ◾.

◾️◾️ Trauma endured by people who would now be considered white during the Middle Ages and the colonization of Europe, if not before. This trauma is historical, yet for many white people, remains unhealed today.  To just focus on healing this trauma centers whiteness and perpetuates white supremacy.  However, we address this trauma with the belief that these historical power dynamics led to the construction of the race & continue to uphold white supremacy in the present day.  We believe that healing this trauma can contribute to the dismantling of white supremacy. When a story includes content on this subject, you will see, you will see: ◾️◾️.

This is a sensitive and complicated subject. We continue to seek feedback on ways to more thoughtfully and intentionally create a container around this learning that does not perpetuate further harm If this information is feeling new, overwhelming, or difficult to work through, we highly encourage you to seek out more resources & healing opportunities. Additionally, Wiggy, one of the facilitators of this deck, is currently a student of this subject and welcomes any conversations to further process what may be coming up for you. Wiggy can be reached via unfurlingoracle@gmail.com or directly at wiggans.elizabeth@gmail.com.


We are learning & feedback is always welcome. Thank you in advance for your bravery in sharing your experiences with the deck!