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Listen to the exercise from 31:45- 33:50


What does accountability really mean? How do we do this?

Consider the five key elements of accountability from Danielle Sered’s Until We Reckon:

  • acknowledging responsibility for one’s actions

  • acknowledging the impact of one’s actions on others

  • expressing genuine remorse

  • taking actions to repair the harm to the degree possible, and guided when feasible by the people harmed, or ‘doing sorry’

  • no longer committing similar harm.


Watch 33:40-34:55.



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Our existence is fractal. The impacts of our presence ripple far beyond ourselves.

::: Practice taking accountability for a reaction rooted in white fragility, defensiveness, or a moment where you wished you interrupted white solidarity.

::: Consider your role in activating accountability on a systemic level. How can you build concentric circles of accountability that ripple through and beyond yourself? In your exploration of this question check out, The Case for Reparations by TA-NEHISI COATES.